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Iceland in Mono

1 Nov 2017

 I never really got round to making a proper blog about Iceland, but it has been a place that I have visited twice now and and I still feel quite unccomplished. Before I took the decison to create a style around my photography I had visited in the hope of getting the classic photo locations. Iceland is extremely monochromatic at the best of times with the black sands, contrasting Ice and water and has a feel of darkness. Of course there are fleeting moments of amazing light too, but they seemed to be less common on my trips. 


On my first trip in 2015 we were met with big storms, so it meant a lot of driving and sitting waiting for the wind and rain to pass. It was relentless on the south coast. But I managed to get some rather gloomy photos, whith lots of contrast and mood. 


Here are a selection of some photos, some which clealry needed the black and white touch, but the odd one of two felt monochrmonatic without the need for a conversion. My final return was much more succesful, I definately felt that I came back with portfolio shots, which you will find in the main page. Im my next blog about Iceland ill include the other photos I got that are just as nice, but dont fit into the panormaic formats for the main portfolio page. 











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