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For me Blencathra is one of the first mountains that I see when driving across the A66 towards the Lake District, but for years it never really appealed to me. I judged this mountain range as too close to civilisation with it being so accessible, despite its rugged climbs up sharp edge. 


So for many years I drove past this place to get to locations such as Langdale, which I considered quieter a bit more remote and having more character. I went here with a couple of friends, who like me are into photography and hiking. Motivating me to have a crack at it in the winter conditions, and it didn't disappoint. The first touch of winer provided us with an exceptionally cold morning with strong winds, amazing formations in the compacted snow and the light from sunrise ranged from hard orange side light, from light pastels in the sky. The first image above is taken from Knowe Crags (804m) looking up the saddle of Blencathra, with the sharp drop of Gategill Fell down to the right of the image. 



The walk in was pleasant enough, starting from Blencathra field centre and heading straight up Blease Fell, although not being out a while I certainly felt the air in my lungs. 



The early light rising to the right of where I was standing. With the pastel light forming behind Blencathra with pink and blue hues, a slight bit of mist rolling off the top, frozen grass and natural frame to the image. A perfect composition


It is just a waiting game on mornings like this, the light changes with the sunrise and we were hoping for some orange side light on Gategill Fell. 



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