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Personalised Workshop - Photoshop 
One to One £45 for 3 hours 


I have often found that many people turn up for the workshops with a million questions based on thier own experiences.


On that basis I decided to start workshops based on your guidance, basically these are freestyle sessions that will help you overcome some of your problems and enhance your skills. I will begin by deonstrating my workflow and how I achieve the look I end up with by using varous software packages and plug ins that enhance my landscape work flow. 


Again this aimed towards the beginner, who may have a very basic understanding of photoshop or be struggling to understand how it all works. I normally begin by asking what you would like to achieve from a session and devleop a package from there with you. We will have an informal atmosphere with a cup of coffee and the computer software. You will leave having all your questions answered and having gained some new techniques and skills, even some images of your own processed in a very differnt light. 

Landscape Photography Workshops 


The journey of photography is to learn the skills needed to become better at your craft, as time progresses you learn the skills to capture the image you want often making many enjoyable mistakes on the way. This is the right of passage of many a photographer whether they be self taught or professionally trained. What makes the difference is how you develop your craft for your own unique style of photography. Let me help you bypass some of this journey to get you to the good stuff...making better images. 


This year I am running more workshops in both technical camera skills and Post Processing. All workshops are aimed at both beginners and expereinced photographers who are looking to increase thier knowledge or skill.  


One to one sessions are personalised tuition to give you the skills to enahnce your output, reducing your wastage where often shots that can often be considered no good, in fact can be potential hidden gems.


The group workshops (when avialble) are small and freindly and are mostly ran by two experienced landscape photographers to give you the full attention you deserve. The masterclass sessions focus on the skills in the field to get on location and come away with shots you would be proud to print.  

Landscape Essentials - Workshop 

Taking your camera from auto to manual - one to one - £125 for a one day workshop. (half days avialble)


In this workshop I will take you in the field to explore the craft of landscape photography and teach you my preferred workflows, choosing from many of the stunning photographic locations in the North East of UK (beyond by arrangement) we can look at the challenges of Seascapes or Landscapes depending on your preferred option. 


If required I will start by taking you from Auto to Manual in camera, showing the benefits of creative control regardless of camera system and the added benefit of using filters on camera. For those with advanced camera skills I will mainly focus on coaching you how to take better photos while on locations as well as advance planning and fieldcraft skills. 


It is expected that you own or have access to a camera with manual functions whether this be a DSLR, Compact System or Bridge camera. You would also need to be able to get to the locations agreed. I will bring along my own kit for you to try out, and utilise some of the kit I have in my bag in bag some keeps from the day. 


During the day we can stop for regular briefing and learning on the spot, I will share how I work a location, achieve the best light and compositions and what research I put into an area to achieve the best possible photos a location can provide. Of course we will be fully at the mercy of mother nature, and the light will be determined by her but I will be able to show you techniques of how to get aorund bad lighting and alternative images. 


If anything you will enjoy the day, we will stop for a  lunch and conversation but mostly you will leave with new skills and motivation to get better shots on your next outing.